Painted with vibrant, spectral colors.

About Me

I am Rhonda. I live in  Missouri, and I paint. I paint intricate mandalas and animals on stones bought locally. I really love painting mandalas. It balances my soul. If I look at the mandala colors long enough, it creates a radial balancing. it takes special beach stones I obtain from a local landscape company to make them perfectly round and flat. The stones are made perfect by the ocean current and tide. My spirit has always been alive with the ocean.

Other Painting

I am learning the art of painting animals on stones.

I also paint on canvas, and will be posting my paintings soon. My Etsy shop is Missouri Mandalas. 

Contact me here.

About My Mandalas

I've painted for years. When I learned how to paint mandalas on stones, I knew that was my first love. I enjoy painting on the stones. Even finding them, in the Kansas City area, was a challenge until I found a place that carries stones. Then I knew I'd be able to engross myself into the joy they provide.